Like an Orange

By Wallis Eates

A collaborative graphic novel about brain injury survivors incorporating their words and pictures.

Friday, 13 October 2017

How do you like an orange?

Peeled or cut? As marmalade? With a vodka? 

Hello everyone!

Two weeks in and I'm thrilled with the support I've received so far. Everytime a pledge comes in I do a little skip in my seat, and feel a mixture of humbled and excited! 

If you'd like to add to my humility and excitement by making a pledge, that would be wonderful! Not only will the final book be coming your way in either digital or hardcopy format, but there are other possibilities too, such as workshops, 1to1 comic tutorials or even a bespoke comic all about you!

This morning I am aiming to pop into Submit to Love studios, say hello to the artists there with a specific mind to bump into Phil (image attached) as he wants an update on this project. I love that place, and hanging out with the members always brings me joy. 

So that's me for now. If you'd like further updates and more pictures, then please do follow me on Twitter, RTs are always more than welcome! You can find me @walliseates 

Have a lovely orangey weekend, however you have them!


This is Phil who survived being crushed by a lorry, and now suffers chronic fatigue. However, he manages to create some spectacular work in the studio - we are talking collages above human height. They explore how he decompartmentalises all the information in his mind, so he can 'visit' areas in order to get things done. Phil also really, really funny!

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