Like an Orange

By Wallis Eates

A collaborative graphic novel about brain injury survivors incorporating their words and pictures.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Are you mates with Giorgio Moroder? He feels love, right?

Hi everyone

You know when you get your heart set on something and you just do it even though you know you're probably making loads of extra work for yourself? I've done that. I really REALLY wanted to use the lyrics of one verse of Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder's 'Together in Electric Dreams' for a page as part of Tirzeh's story. Once, while we were all in 'Submit to Love' studio, the song came on the radio and Tirzeh remarked that she used to love dancing to it down the club she went to as a youngster. She'd previously told me about this club, it was where she met her future husband, and her story is about...well, in a way it's about being together in electric dreams! The first verse of the song is so poignantly accurate, I just had to create this page! Thing is, I probably won't be able to use it for the book unless some sort of magic happens (or I'll just have to think around it with CREATIVITY).

Here's the page with most of the lyrics removed, so you'll have to fill them in if you know them (first verse, remember). And if you happen to know Giorgio or Phil (it's possible, I used to live next door to the cousins of the Reynolds Girls you know), please tell them I need to have a word!! The man and the background are both from some of Tirzeh's artwork.

In other news, I recently did an interview with Alex Fitch for Brighton based Cartoon County that was recenty aired on Resonance FM alongside interviews with fellow Unbounder, Lucy Sullivan and our commissioning editor, Lizzie Kaye. To have a listen, you can stream it here: and to find out more about Lucy's project - I highly recommend you do - visit here:

Talking of people called Phil, I'd like to give a big shout out to Phil from the studio and Headway for running this amazing interview about my time at there. I am SO touched by it:

Finally, huge thanks to everyone for your support, and a big welcome to new pledgers!

Orangey oranges,


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Myfanwy Tristram
 Myfanwy Tristram says:

Hey Wallis! I wonder if this is something that Unbound's legal department can help with - after all, most publishers must have to help their authors navigate rights issues for one reason or another.

I'll be very interested in the outcome, as I'm currently working on a book which rather needs to quote from Bowie in order to make any sense at all, though it'll be a long time 'til completion.

posted 8th May 2018

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