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Indispensable and hilarious* notes on midlife (*possibly)


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All the book. All the E. Straight to your chosen electronic gizmo.


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1st edition hardback and the ebook edition

Collectable / Sold out

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Signed, collectable, dedicated hardback edition hardback, with a secret hand-written note in margin, for you to find. Style options include insulting, confusing, and slightly mis-spelled. This will make your copy worth approximately £1.25 more one day. If you throw it away.

Launch Party

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Invitation to the Lifeshambles launch party in London. There will be canapés. But like, really nice ones, with napkins, too. I’ll throw in some Jammy Dodgers, if demand is high enough.

Lunch With the Author: Round 1 / Sold out

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Lunch with the author: Round 2

You. Me. Lunch. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE??! Let’s have a starter AND dessert. Coz we can. (Lunch will be in London -- travel not included.) Limited to 5

Eternal Love

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Frankly, if you throw in a grand I'm probably going to have to kiss you. This offer is limited to 400 people. But not all at once