Lifelines: Notes on Life & Love, Faith & Doubt

By Martin Wroe and Malcolm Doney

What does a good life look like, and how can we live it?

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Tune In To Lifelines The Podcast

You know those stories about books becoming word-of-mouth, slow-burn bestsellers ? Surprising everyone by being adapted for stage and screen? 
That has not yet happened to Lifelines. But it is being adapted… by us... for PODCAST. 
As of Wednesday March 7th, wherever you are in the world you can tune in to a daily short, shot of practical wisdom with  Lifelines, The Podcast.
Marking the six week season of Lent, disorientate yourself and then reorientate yourself with five minutes (or less) on the trail of some kind of rewarding life.
A way to start the day… or end it. Or jumpstart it if it all goes pear-shaped.
Turning Lent into a time for  taking things on board - instead of chucking them overboard. New ideas. Or old ones. Some kind of wisdom for taking a life in a new direction.
Tune in as you wake up or wait for the bus…as you make the coffee or finally hit the sack.
Open life a little wider…  or take it a little deeper. 
Lifelines The Podcast is free & it's everywhere - so please spread the word.
Subscribe to LIfelines The Podcast.

As for the book, the burn is slow and the word of mouth is wordy. A number of groups around the country are using Lent to meet up and read Lifelines together. The stage show can't be far off.

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Martin & Malcolm

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