Lifelines: Notes on Life & Love, Faith & Doubt

By Martin Wroe and Malcolm Doney

What does a good life look like, and how can we live it?

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

'A perfect gift for the bedside...'

We’re sorry you couldn’t buy Lifelines.    But now you can.

We wrote a book, published it and it sold out. Before we even hit publication day. Lifelines was reprinted. That was the good bit. 
The less good bit was that it took ages before the new edition arrived in the warehouse, and was available for sale. We've heard from many of you who wanted to buy copies to give to friends and family for Christmas and you couldn’t because it wasn’t there.

We’re really sorry but the good news – at the time of writing – is that you can now buy Lifelines online and from bookshops. It helps if you give the full title: Lifelines: Notes on life & love, faith & doubt. If you want the ISBN number, it’s: 978-1-78352-627-7

We love it that so many of you love it. Thank you. One weekend earlier in the month we had a couple of book launches and sold tons of copies… before the stock ran out. 
And we’ve started getting one or two reviews, like this one: "A perfect gift for the bedside, especially for those who lie awake at night wondering what life is all about."

What more could you give someone for Christmas….
thanks again for all your support  
Martin and Malcolm 

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