Lifelines: Notes on Life & Love, Faith & Doubt

By Martin Wroe and Malcolm Doney

What does a good life look like, and how can we live it?

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First edition of the hardback, signed with a personal message by the authors and your name in the book.
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First edition of the hardback, signed by the authors, plus your own digital edition and five 95 postcards.
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A first edition of the hardback for you, together with another for a friend, each signed with a personal message by the authors, and your names in the book.
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A signed first edition of the hardback plus a limited edition ‘95’ print created by Malcolm, a vivid reinterpretation based loosely on the cover artwork.
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Limited edition print, plus two hardback books

Two signed first editions of hardback, your name in back, plus limited edition ’95’ print (see above) and set of five fridge-magnet Notes and five postcard Notes from the book.
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Note 96 - just for you

A customised 300-word ‘note’ from the authors on a theme of your choice delivered as a specially designed limited-edition print. Plus a signed first edition of the hardback, with your name in the back.
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A good talking to

The authors have delivered scores of talks to all kinds of audiences and every now and then, one of them is quite good. Martin or Malcolm will deliver the definitive quite good talk on ‘The 95’ to your own tribe in your own setting: college, school, company, union, church, synagogue or temple. Includes five copies of the hardback.
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Hatch, match, dispatch

From naming or christening a child, to planning a civil partnership / wedding or saying goodbye to a loved one, Malcolm and Martin - drawing on their experience as voluntary vicars - will help you create a customised ceremony (suggesting structure, themes, readings etc) to mark one of life’s great rites of passage.

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