The Life of Death

By Lucy Booth

An intriguing novel in which 'Death' struggles with the Devil, to regain her life & to enjoy love.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Life of Death cover revealed!

We are very pleased to tell you that things are moving apace with Lucy's novel so we thought it opportune to bring you up to date with where the publisher, Unbound, is and give you an idea of things going forward:

Firstly, as you will be aware, we have reached the initial target and have had over 420 supporters, all of whom will be acknowledged by having their names in the book when it's published. Unbound will be writing to you in the next couple of weeks to check the spelling of your names (we'd hate to get any wrong!).

If you have any friends/colleagues, who have not pledged but you think would like to be remembered in the book, the closing date for the listing of supporters is 3rd December. Please encourage them to pledge before this date.

The book itself has now been professionally edited and proof read (just the odd spelling and grammar correction, otherwise Lucy would have gone bonkers!) and has been formatted.

We have agreed and are very pleased with the artwork for the cover, which we feel reflects the mystery of Lucy's novel. We believe that those who pledged for a copy of the artwork will be very pleased with the result. When wrapped around the book (we've seen a mock-up) it looks really impressive and we believe it will catch the public's attention. We’ve attached a copy here too so you can have a sneak peak (scroll down!).

After discussion with Unbound, it has been decided that the hardback version will be limited to those who have made the appropriate pledge and the commercial version will be in paperback. The target date for publication is 2nd May but those who have pledged for the hardback should receive their copy/copies approximately four weeks before this.

In the meanwhile, with Unbound's and Rachel Mills’s help, we are looking at getting reviews and publicity for the book.

With regard to the Launch party, for commercial reasons, we are looking at a date in late April. Needless to say, the Family Booth are looking forward to meeting up with so many of Lucy's friends.

We hope you are as excited as we are that we are getting and would, again, ask that you spread the word using your various social media links, of which Ma & Pa B are totally ignorant.

Alan, Jackie & Analie


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