The Progress And The Digress

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hi lovely supporters,

Just over two weeks since I started them and I’ve reached about 65 of my my thumbnail layouts. I’m factoring in a lot of pictorial and historical research as I go and falling into a few rabbit holes to Wonderland. But some treasure be there too, me hearties.

I’ve been posting lots on Instagram. It’s a succinct way of showing where I’m at. So after this brief verbal update you can look at the pictures.

Other news is that the wonderful book, “ The Inking Woman” has its book launch the other week. I am a proud contributor. And the preorders for the Titan Doctor Who comic I’ve illustrated is now available. The exquisite cover is by Alice X Zhang. The bar is high!

Enjoy the little tasters here and I’ll be back soon.

1. This is my Dad, playing trumpet in his father’s dance band at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore.



2. My Mum used to tell me about all the amazing themed coffee bars and restaurants in London. She herself worked at the El Cubano in Knightsbridge.



3. The time when I met Barbra Streisand....she listened to ME singing!!


4. The cover for upcoming Doctor Who comic by Alice X Zhang.



5. My contribution to the Inking Woman book.



6. My debut at the Edinburgh Fringe with Westfield College.




7.My cocktail singing gig at the StJames Club brought me into the orbit of a galaxy of stars.


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