Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights

By Jessica Martin

A graphic novel memoir about life as an actress, singer and artist in the big city

Friday, 21 June 2019

Lift Off!


At last, the book is born. A massive thank you to all my loyal supporters who kept the faith. I hope most of my subscribers have now got a copy and for the rest of you, it will be a click away on Amazon or perhaps already stocked in a Waterstones near you?

The first excitement was going into the Unbound offices on Friday 7 June to sign copies of the book and dispatch the rewards for the designated recipients. Even though there was torrential rain that day, fortune was smiling otherwise, right down to the magic single parking spot right outside the Unbound headquarters. My trusty cohort, Bob Wakelam and I wheeled a suitcase full of ArtyMiss books, comics and prints into the building.

It was a lovely surprise to see my brilliant editor Lizzie Kaye waving from one of the desks as we walked in. She and I wanted to make sure we weren’t dreaming the whole thing. The books really has arrived all the way from the Far East!

Unbound gals, Catherine and Lucy co-ordinated the whole ‘signing the books, ticking the names off the list ‘ system with military precision. No, my wrist didn’t ache, so swept up was I in the whole “I’m an author signing my books” dream come true.


That task done, my next stop was the Stoke Newington Book Festival where I was performing a slightly shorter version of my new cabaret act, “A Life Under Lights” at the Tower Theatre. My PR representative, Dusty Miller thought it would be a good try out for something we hope to take to future events. So together with my wonderful musical director, Inga Davis-Rutter, we played to a very enthusiastic audience and I sold and signed some copies of the book afterwards.


The icing on the cake was the private book launch party at The Cartoon Museum the following Wednesday June 12th. The photos here illustrate what a marvellous party it was. There was a collective gathering of people from all chapters of my life, schooldays, uni days, television ( including John Lloyd, Spitting Image producer and Gary Wilmot), Doctor Who writer Stephen Wyatt, Unbound director John Mitchinson, my theatre life, comics world and my family. I was very touched at the trouble people took to travel on a pretty horrible rainy night, My ArtyMiss social media wizard Alex Fobbester photo chronicled the event and Dusty and Cartoon Museum’s Alison Brown kept the wine, canapés and book sales flowing!


A truly memorable night. This week the story continues with a 10 out of 10 review on Sc-Fi Bulletin and three 5 star reviews on Amazon plus a flurry of social media endorsements from happy recipients of the book.


I’m off to guest at a convention for Big Finish this weekend. As I mentioned in a previous update, they’ve recently released a trilogy of three audio dramas featuring my Doctor Who character Mags, I’ll be taking copies of Life Drawing with me.


Thank you for the privilege of sharing my personal story with you. And the new adventures of life after Life Drawing have only just begun.


To be continued!!



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