Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights

By Jessica Martin

A graphic novel memoir about life as an actress, singer and artist in the big city

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Learning my lines

Learning my lines


Hello to everyone who has loyally stayed with this voyage around my life! It really is a case of slow and steady wins the race. Welcome also to the new supporters who have come on board recently. Your generous support is much appreciated.

The long pause between the last post and now is because I’ve been working on the pages and another exciting commission which will be unveiled soon.

I came up for air last month and had a lovely catch up with my good friend and mentor Mark Buckingham. He’s recently completed illustrations for an upcoming Neil Gaiman novel and I was lucky enough to see them. An absolute wow. I was in awe and a little reticent to share my own recently completed pages in progress. But show them, I did, and my mentor was very complimentary. He also advised me to work only in black and white and not to muddy the elegance and clarity with greyscaling.

I was reminded of a scene in the Judy Garland film version of “A Star Is Born”. Judy/ Esther has just been given a makeover by the studio to make her film star glamorous and James Mason gets her to take every scrap of make up off. “ But I look terrible!” Mason reassures her, “ You look just dandy”.

So I hope you’ll concur that my art looks “ just dandy” in black and white. It is, I suppose, in keeping with  the theme of unravelling and unmasking that runs through my life.

Just over two months to go and my book will be complete!

Stay tuned for the next blog and news of my latest work.

Happy autumn!



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Christian Graham
 Christian Graham says:

Your already strong artwork is getting better and better, Jessica! I think I agree with your mentor. Go bold! Go black 'n' white!

posted 18th September 2018

Jessica Martin
 Jessica Martin says:

Thank you for your vote of confidence in my refined style, Christian. I’ve always liked the ‘noir’ look!

posted 18th September 2018

Paul Cooke
 Paul Cooke says:

Totally agree. There's a beauty in b/w that you don't get in any other medium. Love it, and I am looking forward to seeing the full story

posted 18th September 2018

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