Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights

By Jessica Martin

A graphic novel memoir about life as an actress, singer and artist in the big city

Monday, 5 February 2018

A Moment For Mum

Dear All,

Thank you for your patience. I'm sorry for the long silence here. No, I haven't abandoned my book or my promise to you. Far from it. Recent events will ensure my book has more meaning and is richer for the experience. As you know, I have been busy with the demands of performing in the successful run of "Elf" the musical, which not only did a runaway box office breaking run at The Lowry but was also broadcast twice on national television over the Christmas season.

What you perhaps didn't know is that my wonderful mother was diagnosed with advanced cancer in the summer and after a valiant duel with the big "C", passed away peacefully and, I like to think purposefully, three weeks ago this Wednesday.

You will come to know my mother as a leading character in my life story. She was a true exponent of magnificence in the most positive way. In these past few days, I have been restoring my very messy art room/study which was originally renovated by my Mum and her partner. She wanted me to have a bespoke creative space in which to explore and express all aspects of my creativity. 

In the process of tidying, I came across a folder with the words "Granma's Blog/receipts" emblazoned with my Mum's unmistakeable marker script. Inside it, I found upcycled sheets of cardboard which she'd converted into diary pages. One of her last pieces of wisdom was this:

"I implore you to stop buying.You have no room for endlessly acquiring more things as you certainly don't need them. Money cannot buy an organiser for your "stuff"...This is definitely my last major oeuvre and hopefully lessons will be learnt. More space, bigger houses etc will not solve it."

There is the message that I have enough, that I am enough. I don't need to acquire more gizmos, more skills with which to dazzle and I don't need to imagine a life that is not my own, because ( as the memorabilia which my Mum so loving organised, has shown) I have a myriad of personal experiences to impart.

That said, it now remains for me to receive the feedback from my editor for my full draft script before setting to work on the visuals.

I am off to the Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention in Los Angeles next week . I hope to see some of you out there and look forward to sharing more regular updates soon!

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