Thursday February 6th at The Idler Academy

Monday, 20 January 2014

Morning All,

I am giving a talk at the Idler Academy in Westbourne Park on February 6th. Tom Hodgkinson, the Idler's founder, argues that we achieve more by doing less. Wouldn't be wonderful if the state was to embrace Tom's philosophy of inaction? There is, Tom and I have noticed, a real marriage between Idler ideals and those ventured in Life After The State

Tom published my first foray into this subject - an essay called Why Gold Is The Currency Of The Free - in The Idler 42: Smash The System. And it was at another event at the Idler Academy that I met Dan Kieran of Unbound and so our relationship was born. This talk on February 6th will very much be Life After The State coming home. If you're in the area, please come. You can book your ticket here.

I'll be sending out a full Life After The State update in the next week or two.

Until then, 

Tally ho,


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