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By Dominic Frisby

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Life After the State is at the printers


I'm very excited. The cover looks great. The feedback so far has been excellent. And the official release date, November 7th (also my daughter Lola's birthday), is just a week or so away.

This book is very much a product of the open source movement that is the internet. It could never have happened without all the knowledge, ideas, opinions, discussion and research that are so generously shared and so instantly available. I have drawn on it all with abandon – from highbrow academic work and detailed research reports right through to anonymous comments made on chatboards and at the end of newspaper articles, as well as adding my own little bit.

I do hope a lot of people read it. Not because I want to earn fortunes in royalties or get my mug on the telly, though both would be nice, but because I believe that some of the ideas, if taken on, could help make the world a much better place. I think we've gone badly wrong in the West, but I really don't think it takes a lot to put things right. Just some simple reforms to our system of money will get the train that is mankind back on the right tracks - and all the change that people want can happen from there. There is a tide of anger sweeping across the west, Russell Brand is the current mouthpiece for a lot of it, but some of the ideas that are being put forward to sort things out, well intentioned though they may be, are not only dotty, but extremely dangerous. I hope the rather more gentle suggestions in this book take hold and we really can get the change we so badly need.

Anyway, here's the cover. Here're the testimonials. And here's to Life After The State.


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