Life After The State

By Dominic Frisby

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Last chance to get your name in the back

Dear All,

It's now time to move on to the next stage of production for Life After The State. If you haven't specified otherwise, the name in the back of the book will be the one you registered with at Unbound. If you want to change the name in the back to a friend or loved one and/or update your address details, find out how on our FAQ. Please be aware that the deadline for this is midnight (BST) on Monday 12th August and we cannot guarantee that any names which are added or changed after this time will be in the book.

Any books which are returned to us because of an incorrect address will incur a charge for re-posting. If you bought more than one copy of the book on your account and want these to be sent to different addresses, please email with details.

We hope you're looking forward to receiving your copy of Life After The State as much as we are!

Thanks and best wishes,   
The Unbounders 

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Tony Wright
 Tony Wright says:

I'm almost too pissed off to bother to write. Regular updates from the author? Don't make me laugh. I was hoping to give this last xmas......this xmas maybe?
Will I do it again? Have a wild guess!

posted 11th August 2013

colin jones
 colin jones says:

Well like Tony I've been a little surprised by the length of time it's taken from when the funding was reached. That said, I know nothing about publishing or writing books and the likely myriad of reasons that can cause delay.

I've also never bought from unbound before so perhaps my expectations were unrealistic or naieve to begin with. In any case I do agree that whatever the reasons for the length of waiting time for the book, a little more in the way of updates and communication wouldn't have gone amiss. Just hope it ends up being as good as I'm expecting and gets here soon.

posted 29th August 2013

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