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Life After The State

Dominic Frisby has solved the economic crisis - support his book and find out how by Dominic Frisby

Review for Life After The State

Six Stars from me. If you have an enquiring mind this books says in a highly readable and plain common sense way what we all feel and sense but do not know how to articulate: that something is wrong with the state we endure. Dominic argues, correctly I think, that it's the bloated size of the state itself that is the direct root cause of our current economic and often social woes. The answer is to return to a smaller state to set the balance right again and Dominic articulates this case so simply and yet comprehensively that it is a page turning joy to read. Crammed full of facts and myths yet without any of the torrid jargon and distracting technical guff of experts he demolishes our big state sacred cow and ignorance on big subjects such as education, health, money, tax, freedom, in turn, myth by myth, arguing for adoption of the total opposite of what the current political, social and economic establishment urge us to do - largely no doubt in order to keep their own bloated state privileges and 'we can fix it' careers afloat at the expense of every one of us, including themselves if they did but think about it. I don't believe in compulsory educational standards much beyond the 3 R's but if I did this would be it. It should be an O'Level paper taken by anyone standing for Parliament and anyone voting them in! Buy, read, pass on. Once read you'll never forget this book's explanations and messages.