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Life After The State

Dominic Frisby has solved the economic crisis - support his book and find out how by Dominic Frisby

Review for Life After The State

I enjoyed this book from the start and the author provides a lot of useful back up and references for all of his arguments. It will be an anathema to statist collectivist pre-programmed socialists but they've all had 100 years to convince and convert and succeed and they self evidently haven't wherever you look. It is always impossible for them to admit this but for example the banking crisis happened on their watch. I'd have liked a broader historical approach to linking natural law with justice for all human beings from illustrated reason alone for everyone to take away with them as a real gain of having read the book. The section on taxing land value is useful, a good intro for those who still need it as none of the existing property taxes in the UK have anything at all to do with allocating universal rights to natural resources for example as LVT does. But overall this is a good update for those seeking solid reasons for why we are all so browned off with the 'LibLabCon' trick which central banking is foisting on the western world currently, a scam from which the low paid and the poor and the poverty stricken have most to fear