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Life After The State

Dominic Frisby has solved the economic crisis - support his book and find out how by Dominic Frisby

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Life After The State cover

The Synopsis

My name is Dominic Frisby.

In 2005-6 I became disillusioned with the advice my financial advisers were giving me, sacked them and, reading insatiably, began to look after my own money. I was fascinated by the world of finance.

It quickly became obvious to me that the global economy was a train crash waiting to happen – and it amazes me that leading politicians, economists and journalists all, without exception, failed to see it coming. Mad though my friends and family thought me at the time, I put everything I owned into gold. It has since appreciated by several hundred per cent.

I read more and more voraciously. I started a podcast as an excuse to meet, talk to and learn from some of the incredible financial and economic minds I had come across in my research. Moneyweek Magazine asked me to write a column. I all but sacrificed my 'other career' as a comedian.

This book is the culmination of these seven years of study, bordering on obsession. Just as I saw the financial crash of 2008 coming, I now see another one, even more calamitous, headed our way; only this one has serious political ramifications as well. But now, as then, not one high-profile politician, economist or journalist seems to "get it" - because not one of them have correctly identified the cause of our problems.

I had never thought, before, about the nature of money. I never realised that there is a direct link between what we use as money and liberty, honesty and efficiency. It is in money – the blood of an economy – that our salvation lies.

Support this book, and I’ll explain all.

The Excerpt

Prologue: Why Every Cuban Wanted His Daughter to be a Hooker


The Reviews

This book has 4 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Six Stars from me. If you have an enquiring mind this books says in a highly readable and plain common sense way what we all feel and sense but do not know how to articulate: that something is wrong with the state we endure. Dominic argues, correctly I think, that it's the bloated size of the state... (read more)
Thought provoking to the point I have bought several copies and gifted them to friends.
I enjoyed this book from the start and the author provides a lot of useful back up and references for all of his arguments. It will be an anathema to statist collectivist pre-programmed socialists but they've all had 100 years to convince and convert and succeed and they self evidently haven't wherever... (read more)

The Author

Dominic Frisby is:

A writer: Dominic writes a column about gold and money for Moneyweek, the UK's best-selling weekly financial magazine. He has written and produced numerous short films, pilots and videos. His most recent, Debt Bomb, went viral with over 1/4 million hits in 2 weeks. He also co-wrote and narrated the feature documentary about the global financial crisis, The Four Horsemen. (‘The beauty of Four Horsemen is the consummate ease and simplicity of the arguments, thanks to excellent writing and narration from Dominic Frisby,’ Front Row).

An actor: Last year he appeared in The Inbetweeners movie, played the lead role in a new Irish drama for TG4 about the life of political revolutionary Erskine Childers, and shot a comedy pilot, Frisby’s Greatest Ever, in which he performs 9 different roles. This year he played the US president in this viral video.

A comedian: 'Viciously funny and inventive', Guardian; 'Masterful', Evening Standard; 'Great comedy talent', He is resident host at London's oldest comedy club, Downstairs At The King's Head.

A financial guru: As well as his column for Moneyweek, Dominic also hosts the Goldmoney Podcast and Frisby's Bulls and Bears, interviewing guests about economics and investing. He has spoken about gold many times on television and radio and at conferences.

A voiceover: Day-to-day he is found trotting about the sound studios of London, voicing documentaries, ads, promos, trailers, cartoons and so on.

He has also worked as a TV presenter, a boxing ring announcer, a florist, a removal man, an extremely camp theatrical agent's PA, a sports commentator and a busker.

The Rewards

This book is now published. You can still pledge, but you won't get listed as a supporter in the back.

Digital & Audiobook
  • ebook edition and audiobook edition (read by Dominic!)
  • Paperback original, the ebook edition and the audiobook read by Dominic Frisby.
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    • Format: Paper Back
    • ISBN: 978-1-908717-89-4
    • Published: 11/2013
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    • ISBN: 978-1-908717-90-0
    • Published: 11/2013
    • Format: Hard Back
    • ISBN: 978-1-908717-90-0
    • Published: 11/2013