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By Janet Wilkinson and Emma Pusill

A practical, beautiful, inspiring guide to the outdoor pools of the UK

Friday, 11 January 2019

This is the year it all happens...

A slightly belated happy new year to all our pledgers. We hope you managed some festive fun in the water over the Christmas break.

One of our pledgers reminded me, yesterday, that there hadn't been a project update for a while. This was a very fair point, well made. That's primarily because it's been a busy old time at LIdo Guide HQ. As well as all the 'real life' that continues to tick along entirely uncocnerned that we've got a book to get to print there was, well... getting the book to print. 

That involves hours spent poring over proofs. Hours that are not at all unpleasant, it is a thing of joy to see the manuscript you've crafted, and the photographs that you've taken, being drawn together into the finished product. It's also a real eye-opener, not least because this is the point at which you realise that some things just don't work the way you thought they would, so while we didn't have to go back to the drawing board we did do a fair bit of tinkering. 

Unbound, and in particular our editor Imogen, have been very patient. 

But the process has been worth it, because we have a book that we are incredibly proud of. You've already seen the beautiful cover, here's an example of an entry page - in this case Buckfastleigh open air pool who, incidentally, have their 4th annual Ice Gala coming up on the 2nd February should you fancy a bit of light-hearted cold water swimming competition. Some tickets are still available but you'll have to be quick as entries close soon. Apologies if it's a bit fuzzy, screenshots have their limitations.

Janet and I have now signed off the proofs, and we're just waiting on the map design before the book can be sent to the printers. We'll let you know when we have an estimated delivery date for the finished product. 

And now that the book is very nearly in the world, our attention turns to marketing and selling it - because not everybody showed the good sense that you all did in pledging for it and helping it to become a reality! So to that end we've set up a website - The book is availble for pre-order there, as well as online via Waterstones and Amazon. We know that you pledgers have been our strongest advocates to date, and we hope that continues. So if you're waxing lyrical to your friends and family about the book, and they express any interest in buying it, please do send them to our website. It's much better for authors if they buy the book direct rather than via Amazon etc, and in the fullness of time we expect to have other Lido Guide related goodies for sale there too. 

You'll also notice a newlsetter sign up and blog page at the website. Going forward most of our communications will be via that site, and you'll hear about news and launch plans (which are shaping up to be VERY exciting) by way of the newsletter. So do sign up for that if you want to stay in touch. 


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