The Lido Guide

By Janet Wilkinson and Emma Pusill

A practical, beautiful, inspiring guide to the outdoor pools of the UK

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Emerging from hibernation

With the daffodils, birdsong and longer days come other unmistakable sounds of spring...

The priming of pumps, the scrubbing of pool tanks, the hum of boilers and the pleasing splatter of water flowing full bore to fill the beckoning void. Seasonal pools are coming out of hibernation up and down the land, and we are emerging with them.

Our social media is getting busier, so we thought it was time to give you all a round up of just where you can find us online. In the coming months we'll be focussing a lot of the reopening plans of seasonal pools and, as ever, we want to hear about your #lidoroadtrip adventures.

First up is our new facebook page, where we can bring together all the lido news in a more comprehensive way. In the future we'll also be able to post notice of events and so on - after all, there'll be a book launch at some stage, right?

We are also on twitter and instagram as @lidoguide. My mission this season is to make more and better use of instagram. Pools lend themselves to it so well, but personally but I don't much like the interface for the app so I need to pull my finger out and make friends with it. All tips from keen IGers very welcome!

And finally, you'll find  #lidoroadtrip stories on medium as Lido Guide. 

Please do spread the Lido Guide love by sharing these accounts widely, the further we spread the word the sooner we hit the magic 100%. 

I'll end with a few pictures of summers past. I'm very much looking forward to the one to come.

Take Care


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