Letters to a Beekeeper

By Alys Fowler and Steve Benbow

A beautifully illustrated story of friendship, passion and useful insects

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fully funded

Dear all,

You believed in us and oh boy does that feel great. We’ve been walking so tall from this experience and that is all thanks to you. We’d kind of like to knock on each and every door and say thanks in person, but we have a book to write and meadow to grow. Take this as a great big hug. We still can’t quite believe it happened so fast. It’s been a lovely, life-affirming three weeks.

We wanted to say a little bit more about where your money has gone. The money you raised pays for the photography, the editing, the layout, for some PR once it’s written, and for it to be bound and printed in a marvelous way. If we raise extra money, we’d like to put a bit more into photography, but mostly, the profit gets split between Unbound and us. Thus, if there’s any spare we get to buy cake and biscuits to fuel our writing. What we’re trying to say is that the money raised doesn’t go straight into our bank account; it goes into your book. If you upgrade your pledge, can persuade your friends to buy it and continue to share the link, it all helps.

For those based in London, the tiny meadow is happening at Tate Britain (behind the back in a corner that needs a little love). Over the next month or so we are going to start sowing - we’ll let you know here and if you want you can come and scatter some seed, pull some weed or shovel some muck (there’ll be cake as a reward) we’d love to see you. 


Alys and Steve

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