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A progress update

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dear supporters,

It’s been a long time since we updated you and we’re sure many of you are keen to know what is happening with Letters to a Beekeeper

Without going into all the details, various personal and professional commitments mean we’ve fallen a long way behind our schedule in 2015. It’s been really frustrating. More than anything else, we want this book finished and on our shelves. 

The good news is that, as of next week, the book’s text will be complete, which means that before the end of February we will be able to resume laying out and designing the pages. What does that mean in terms of having it finished? Our best estimate at present is the second half of this year. And once the book is in production we will be able to give more regular updates. 

We really appreciate your support and understanding.


Alys Fowler and Steve Benbow & The Unbounders

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Andrea Weber
Andrea Weber says:

Frustrating? Yep! So looking forward to it...

April 01, 2016

Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson says:

Over 7 months since the last update. Come on.

July 25, 2016

Andy Broadhurst
Andy Broadhurst says:

Any chance of an update on this? People are more likely to be patient if we're kept informed...

July 29, 2016

Hannah Sked
Hannah Sked says:

Hi! Would also love an update!

August 01, 2016

Peter Bustin
Peter Bustin says:

What's happening ? Is it happening?????????????

August 03, 2016

Caitlin Harvey
Caitlin Harvey says:

In case you missed this in your inbox, the latest update from John Mitchinson can be read here:
Caitlin - Unbound

August 22, 2016

Hannah Sked
Hannah Sked says:

No news since August. Looked the book up on amazon and reporting release date to be June next year. To be kept informed by unbound would have been preferable.

December 21, 2016

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