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Monday, 5 November 2012

9th Century Chinese form apology for drunkenness
16th Century letter from widow to late-husband
Abraham Lincoln on abolishing slavery
Annie Oakley - "50 lady sharpshooters await"
Archibald Kerr, on "Mustapha Kunt"
BBC exec, rejection of Fawlty Towers pilot
Beethoven's "Heiligenstadt Testament"
Campbell Soup executive writes to Andy Warhol
Charles Bukowski on the censorship of his novels
Charles Darwin on Natural Selection
Charles Lamb on his unbearable man-flu
Charles Schulz to a fan, on axing, literally, a Peanuts character
Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford
Conan O'Brien turning down a Prom invitation
Denis Cox, a schoolboy, designs a rocket - with reply
Einstein writes to a young girl, on faith/science
Elvis’ letter to Nixon, hand-delivered to the White House
Frank Sinatra takes on a journalist - "You're a pimp"
Gandhi writes to Hitler
Galileo Galilei, on spotting the Galilean Moons
Iggy Pop writes to a troubled fan
Jack Kerouac asks Marlon Brando to make “On the Road”
Jack the Ripper - "From Hell"
Jackie Robinson to Eisenhower - "17 Million negroes"
James Cameron apologises to HR Giger
JFK's plea for a raise in pocket money, aged 10
John Kriscfalusi to a fan, on Ren & Stimpy/becoming an animator
John Steinbeck’s letter of advice to his son
Kurt Vonnegut to the Drake School Board, on book burning
Laura Huxley, on the recent death of Aldous Huxley, on LSD
Mark Twain’s angry letter to a snake-oil salesman
NASA director to a nun - “Why Explore Space?”
Ray Bradbury, on his love of robots
Richard Williams’s memo to staff, re: Roger Rabbit animation
Robert Pirosh, job application - "I like words"
Stephen Tvedten writes to the council on behalf of some beavers
Steve Martin’s fantastic “personal” form letter
Stieg Larsson writes to his partner, "to be opened in the event of my death"
Sigmund Freud to a worried mother, on her son’s homosexuality
Tim Schafer’s unique LucasArts covering letter
Titanic’s final telegrams
Virginia Woolf's last letter to her husband
Wil Wheaton responds to a fan, 21 years later

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Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell says:

When I get this ... I honestly don't know what letter I'm going to start reading first!

Incidentally, I can't believe it's been over a year since I pledged on here! =)

November 06, 2012

Samantha Noble
Samantha Noble says:

Is there any idea for when the book will actually be printed? I know the original timeline stated November 2012- is this still on track, or if not, when will it be done? And how long will it take for overseas buyers to receive the order?

November 06, 2012

Khadijah Ahmed
Khadijah Ahmed says:

To be honest, it doesn't bother me that the publication of this book has been delayed. I'd rather a late but satisfactory read than an early but disappointing lump.

The letters look to be very promising!

November 07, 2012

Peter Kessler
Peter Kessler says:

I'm happy to wait, but eager to receive!
Also, Shaun, please, you have to include Jourdon Anderson's letter. For a man who couldn't write, he wrote better than most people who could.

November 07, 2012

Klare Lanson
Klare Lanson says:

Fabulous list so far. I would be so happy to see Dorothy Parker in amongst it, as per. This was my Christmas present to myself so I will be disappointed when Santa arrives but happy to hold out for the fully resolved piece. Good luck!

November 08, 2012

Andy Dudley
Andy Dudley says:

I'm a little disappointed, as I had hoped to give this book for a Christmas gift.

However, thank you to Shaun for being upfront with us, and I look forward to seeing the final product.

November 09, 2012

Rose Moore
Rose Moore says:

I'm hopeful that the recent posts on Twitter sending us to the Unbound site mean that things are progressing.

I've recently "pledged" for myself and as a gift. It's a beautiful idea and worthy of a life beyond the screen.

Looking forward to more updates from Shaun, and continued additions to the Confirmed list!

March 26, 2013

Tanya Harding
Tanya Harding says:

I also bought this book originally as a Christmas gift but then when it was delayed, I changed it to a birthday gift but that is now going to have to be a delayed birthday gift as I needed it for the 9th May - any idea when I will receive the book so my uncle doesn't think I'm lying?!


May 06, 2013

Mariano Raigón
Mariano Raigón says:

I think Shaun should keep us more informed now that the deadline of "May" is approaching to its end. I'm happy to wait for as long as it takes IF I'm told where I stand. Unfortunately,as I'm finding out with other Unbound authors, that is not the norm and they leave us out to dry.

May 14, 2013

Klare Lanson
Klare Lanson says:

Just saw a tweet saying he'll know more next week. All good...

May 17, 2013

Lynne Lees
Lynne Lees says:

Any news on a publication date now that it's June?

June 04, 2013

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