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More Letters of Note

The eagerly awaited sequel to the international bestseller by Shaun Usher

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Dear all,

As promised, here's a first look at the cover design for the next volume of Letters of Note (more on the details soon). It's the first ever Letters of Note book with moving parts – and I'm excited for you to see what's on this very special library-style card in the pocket on the front of the book...

Thanks so much again for helping to bring this beautiful book to life.

Shaun


Apologies for my radio silence, I've been hard at work writing so that we can get the new book out in time for Christmas. I want to wish a huge heartfelt thank you to the 1,117 people who have pledged for Letters of Note: Volume II and helped it reach 74% of its required funding so far.

I'm extremely happy to share with you all that the book is now complete. These entertaining, unusual and inspiring read more...