The Secret Life of LEGO® Bricks

By Daniel Konstanski

A celebration of the LEGO® brick, exclusively for fans

Thursday, 26 May 2022

On track...

- an update from Unbound –

In the last month we’ve been working hard on the cover for The Secret Life of LEGO® Bricks - we can’t reveal it just yet but we hope you’ll be very pleased when you see it!

The page proofs are looking great; there are so many LEGO treasures to pore over.

The schedule is on track. We anticipate finished copies reaching our warehouse from the printer in early November, when Daniel will be heading to the UK to sign copies. Then we will dispatch them to pledgers right away (depending on where you are in the world and which rewards you have bought, the delivery times will vary).

More updates from us and Daniel Konstanski soon!

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Charlotte Andersen
 Charlotte Andersen says:

Can't wait! It's gonna be an early Christmas present!

posted 28th May 2022

Seth Amram
 Seth Amram says:

Any new updates? Can’t wait to see the new cover of the book!

posted 13th July 2022

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