Legends of the Leaf

By Jane Perrone

The story behind 25 iconic houseplants and the secrets to making them thrive

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

A milestone reached!

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Darren Ferris
 Darren Ferris says:

Well done! I’m happy to hear you did it (in spite of the dreaded covid). Looking forward to Friday’s episode - it’s been a long, lonely January… ;)

posted 3rd February 2022

German Rivera
 German Rivera says:

Woohoo! Congratulations Jane! Looking forward to reading the book, and also returning to my morning coffee and OTL ritual.

posted 3rd February 2022

Jane Perrone
 Jane Perrone says:

Thankyou Darren and German, I am recording Friday's episode right now!

posted 3rd February 2022

Lynn Fiorentino
 Lynn Fiorentino says:

Congratulations! I am very excited for you and for being one enormous step closer to reading your book. I hope covid was gentle with you. Cheers!

posted 3rd February 2022

Jonathan Bykowski
 Jonathan Bykowski says:

Congratulations Jane!!! So exciting and cannot wait to read it. As others, I am also looking forward to hearing you guide us through OTL again. Ben Dark had his new book available for pre-order now as well. So many wonderful new books to enjoy in 2022!! I hope you take at least a moment to sit back and enjoy the amazing accomplishment!

posted 3rd February 2022

jonathan atkinson
 jonathan atkinson says:

Well done Jane. I just got my copy of the Thalassa Cruso “Making things grow”today Hopefully your book arrives just as I finish that one

Best Wishes and hope you are fully recovered


posted 3rd February 2022

Jane Perrone
 Jane Perrone says:

Enjoy Thalassa's book, she's a great writer!

posted 4th February 2022

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