Left Field

By David Wilson

A memoir from the co-founder of the charity War Child

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Write & Draw

Marjane Satrapi, graphic novelist, illustrator and film director has said that:

“Images are a way of writing. When you have the talent to be able to write and draw, it seems a shame to choose one. I think it's better to do both.”

I agree and that is why Left Field will include photos. It is also why I am delighted that Russell Mills will be designing the book's cover. His images are his way of writing and what a great writer he is. I am proud to join him as co-author. Well known for his record / CD / album covers, he is also a major book cover designer. You can see his work here. His authors include Ian McEwan & Milan Kundera, Don Delillo & Jayne Anne Phillips. Thank you, Russell. 

And thanks for your words about Left Field:

 “You’ve done so much, achieved so much, that is for the good, the right, the just, that to be asked to undertake the cover design for you, which may be considered a minor thing in the great scheme of things, is for me a bloody major thing”. 

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