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Why Left Field

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Originally a baseball term, the Oxford Dictionaries have other definitions and it is these I am referring to: "A surprising or unconventional position or style' and '(of artistic work) radical or experimental'. I hope my life is a YES to both of those.

Left Field went 'live' yesterday as I was returning by train from Barcelona where I was visiting my 5-month old grandson, Rhys. His photo appears as the final shot in the book video. If you haven't viewed yet, check him out.

I had to make the journey there by train because I am not to fly for the moment after brain surgery last December. You can find that 'chapter' of my life called  'The Greengrocer, the Judge, Hari Krishna and Coca Cola' on my web blog at www.davidwilson.org.uk



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