Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd

True stories of ageing and dying well gleaned from a life enhancing care giver & end of life Doula

Sunday, 2 August 2020

When a Dream Becomes a Reality

When a dream becomes a reality, it is an extraordinary feeling.

Looking back I see that I first contacted Unbound in January 2019 having read The Good Immigrant and been inspired by the concept of a sponsored publication. I loved the idea that by capturing the imagination of the public, we could make this project happen together. I scrolled through the names of sponsors in the back of the book and thought – YES! This is the way I want to proceed. A community enterprise.

Other people then stepped in with ideas and offers of contacts ( thank you John Don, Mary Munro, Bea Ramsay and Lucy-Anne Holmes) and before I knew it my proposal was on the desk of Mathew Clayton, head of publishing at Unbound. Within a week they had accepted me, and the long road of fundraising began. And goodness me – it was long- £5.5k is a lot of money!  I absolutely hate asking for money and up till that point, social media and I had a very long-distance relationship.

However, the whole business of writing and illustrating a book was a new process so to fulfil this dream, I had to put on a brass neck and carry on.  The result was extraordinary.  Family, friends, and generous strangers rallied to the call and now, here we are, on the cusp of publication.  

Huge thanks to you each one for your contribution. I hope you have enjoyed being part of this crazy wild journey with me. It has not been without its frustrations, mishaps, and setbacks but happily we made it!

Hopefully by now you have your copy in front of you and are pleased that you trusted in me. I hope it proves useful – it takes a lot more work to write a small accessible book that is lean of words but rich in truth than a massive tome.

Please go to my website www.leavesoflove.co.uk for updates from now on and follow me on Instagram @lucyaykroyd.

I look forward to seeing you at book signings  after the Official Publication Date – 20 August 2020. Meantime you can pre-order more copies from most major online bookshops, including Waterstones, Foyles, The Hive and Amazon. Reviews will always be welcome! (only good ones of course!)

Covid permitting there will be a book launch in the West Country on 19 September 2020 at The Lost Kitchen, Devon, https://www.lostkitchen.co.uk/

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your support. Please continue to put the word out there so that the important message of Leaves of Love touches as many people as possible. My dream is not over until we can find Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well in surgeries, waiting rooms, Libraries, Health Centres and independent bookshops throughout the country. Let’s make it happen!

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Louise Scullion
 Louise Scullion says:

Dear Lucy,
Just wanted to send you a wee note to congratulate you on your terrific accomplishment! My copies of Leaves of Love arrived the other day but it was only last night I actually sat down to have a read and I found myself tremendously moved. I drifted between feeling young and old, feeling like a daughter and like a mother. It is a truly beautiful book and what a great knot to have tied in the thread of your own life ....and anyone else who is lucky enough to follow you to it!
Well done Lucy what a thoughtful and wonderful work you have created,
Louise x

posted 4th August 2020

Fiona Hope
 Fiona Hope says:

Leaves of Love is a very important book, written by a woman who really understands the meaning of true, practical, everyday attention to the individual in the last months of their life. This is not about drugs or palliative care, it is a practical guide for us all in how to listen to those we are caring for, so that we can ease suffering, depression and pain. Songs, massage with lavender oil on the feet, a beautifully presented plant of food with a single flower. This is not rocket science! This is deep listening
Thank you Lucy for writing this beautiful practical book
Fiona Hope

posted 4th August 2020

Lucy Aykroyd
 Lucy Aykroyd says:

How very lovely to hear from you Louise. I am very grateful for letting me know how Leaves of Love has touched you. To be honest this has been huge community effort with many people influencing the journey from pen to publication - I have been touched and humbled.
And without supporters such as you this project would never have become a reality - so thank you with all my heart. I hope our paths cross again one day - meantime your review is beautiful. Thank you.

posted 4th August 2020

Lucy Aykroyd
 Lucy Aykroyd says:

Fiona - dear friend. I am so glad your copy has arrived. And that you like it. Your comments are much appreciated and will help to spread the message this book was written to put out there. A deep bow of gratitude to you. Thank you. x Lucy

posted 4th August 2020

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