Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd

True stories of ageing and dying well gleaned from a life enhancing care giver & end of life Doula

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Spring Time - Seed Time

Well I dont know about you but this time of the year that gets my fingers itching - they just cannot wait  to be in the soil, planting things. Whether its on the allotment, in a window box or taking a cutting from a house plant. Growing is in the air and I want to be part of it.

Imagine how it must be for someone with these primal longings  when in a  hospital ward or care environment. Their dreams and aspirations perhaps  much like mine yet  they  are excluded from this miracle of greeness and growth. 

We as carers, family members, lovers or children, can bring the outside in and make a huge difference to someone's day - their week- their life. A truly heart warming thing to do and  very simple to execute.

In Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well, there are lots of ideas to inspire you and give confidence; to make the unexpected happen. A wonderful gift to bring on a Spring day. 



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