Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd

True stories of ageing and dying well gleaned from a life enhancing care giver & end of life Doula

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Leaves of Love needs your help!

Hey there, Leaves of Love friends, loyal followers and generous supporters, we have reached a plateau in the Crowdfunding! I am not sure where to turn now and need your help. 

54% is  pretty brilliant but sadly not enough.

I have  to tell you that asking people for money is the hardest thing imaginable and the attendant exposure on social media,  a considerable struggle.

There comes a moment when those who want to come alongside, already have, and those who are not able to for whatever reason, are not going to. And, the truth is, most people  are already riding a tough pony in their own lives and do not deserve to be pestered. Yet... this book is IMPORTANT. So, if you are one of those who have been meaning to offer support but keep putting it off... please do consider it now! Leaves of Love needs YOU! 

I am asking you my friends, loyal followers and generous suppporters to help me push on to another level by sharing it, talking about it, or finding those who really are able to donate towards it's publication.. We can then ALL sing from the rooftops... 'We did it!'

So much love, so much hard work and heartache have gone into creating iLeaves of Love, its stories and illustrations too, please help me get it out there, not die its own death in my computer archives! 

Thank you! 


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