Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd

True stories of ageing and dying well gleaned from a life enhancing care giver & end of life Doula

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Incredible News! 45% of funding raised!

Greetings wonderful supporters! 

I had begun to think there was no end to the rampages of my mind - updates and  insta, emails and tweets. An endless merry go round of ideas and things to be done. A life on hold to funding deadlines - yet despite that, we seemed somewhat stuck.

One last look at the Leaves of Love page before I reach for my hottie and my bed - and there it is! 45%. Disbelief!

All because one amazing person, presumably woke yesterday  and thought, 'I am going to support a stranger today! I am going to give them the best part of £400 to publish a book that will help people age and die well'. What generosity!

I know who they are, they know who they are, but i'm not telling. Its my precious secret! They have however turned my life around and the lives of many others. Thank you so much glorious stranger and all your fabulous fellow funders. This important book will now surely happen. 

I can see it already, stacked on the shelves of all the major bookstore, and independant ones too. Wrapped in ribbon and tissue paper under the Christmas tree. 

We  - yes WE are nearly half way there. You will get your copy, not wrapped in ribbon, but you'll surely get it if its the last thing I do.  Lets make make a noise, tell the world, and make Leaves of Love, stories for ageing and dying well, happen. Thanks again everyone!



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