Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd

True stories of ageing and dying well gleaned from a life enhancing care giver & end of life Doula

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Good News and Sad News


As the most patient and valued of supporters I can only apologise for the lapse in in communication with you over the last few months. We reached all the deadlines and jumped through all the hoops but unfortunately that wasn't enough to prevent a delay in publication date for Leaves of Love. I have been waiting for the official notification of the delay and now,  here it is.

We are writing to let you know that the publication date of LEAVES OF LOVE has moved to August 2020. Unbound has made this change to regulate the 2020 publishing schedule. Please be reassured that we’re delighted with editorial, design and production progress on LEAVES OF LOVE and we look forward to sharing the finished printed book with supporters later this year. Unbound’s over-full pipeline of titles is the major driver of the schedule changes. We want to give every book the time and attention it deserves and cannot feasibly do this with existing resources without publishing fewer titles per month. The rescheduling is also designed to aid the smooth running of production and to mitigate against  last-minute slippage of publication dates which are often the result of trying to rush through too many books to schedules which are too tight. Apologies for any disappointment.

As you can imagine I am very disapointed. However, the book cover will soon be ready to show you and that will be very exciting. In fact i have it already but cannot access it's format at the moment. My whizz kid grandson has come to stay so hopefully he will help. watch this space. 

Also, thanks to the delay, there  is still time to buy an advance copy of Leaves of Love and have a name added to the back of the book, so please do ask your friends to join you, the incredible band of loyal and very patient supporters of Leaves of Love. Thank you.


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