Leaves Of Love: Stories for Ageing & Dying Well

By Lucy Aykroyd£5.99
Status: published
Publication Date: 20.08.2020Available
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About The Book

Are you a carer or companion to someone who is ageing? Are you looking to enhance every moment of their lives to the end yet feel full of trepidation at the prospect? Leaves of Love is a simple yet essential guide for both layman and expert to keep by your side as you learn the beautiful and ancient art of accompanying another over these final transitions.

Leaves of Love is laced with inspiring real-life stories that depict the rich gleanings to be found within ageing and the unexpected opportunities that can reveal themselves when we embrace the reality of our dying. These stories bring with them a tool bag of ideas and practical tips to empower the carer within all of us to value our own unique gifts and love as we have never loved before.

With nature as our guide we learn how to be present when we visit a care home, what matters most as we sit with someone and how and what to expect when we are accompanying a dying person.

‘A gem of a book. Beautifully written with a warmth and empathy that make it a very uplifting read ... unafraid to discuss the aspects of dying that as a society, we tend to shrink away from’ Maria K

'Offers profound insights from the often hidden world at the end of life ... a reminder that people's last days on earth can be sweet, intimate and precious. It reminded me that every day of life can be lived well’ Dru J

'This is so lovely! I have cried as I read it. I think this book should be shared widely. It's not a technical book or an academic read but I do think it could be a powerful recommended read for all care givers' Carol C

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