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Leave Everything Behind

By F. Ghiandai£1.20 + Shipping
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About The Book

The stories in this collection are set in different places and eras. Each tale immerses us in the lives of ordinary people who find themselves where they don't want to be.

A mother leaves her husband and chooses a dangerous path in Bolivia; a man is haunted by a buried, lost memory; a mute boy helps a friend realise that she is stronger than she ever imagined. Endings, beginnings and stalemates.

They explore the power of memories; the numbing dismay after a loss and the sense of impotence that can be felt with equal intensity by a working-class woman struggling to make a living and a professional in the City. Relationships are torn apart by events out of control; an illness becomes a foreboding of old age.

Each of these events forces a change, an unexpected turn in the characters lives. These shifts - small or large - suggest a paradox: that the only permanent element in every existence is continuous change; and every day can be the one in which one leaves everything behind.

The driver holds a torch, and she guesses their shapes and follows their steps, although she knows where she’s going, her senses sharpened by the fog. She can smell every leaf, every blade of grass, the water in the air.
By F. Ghiandai

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