Different Class : Fashion, Football & Funk The Story of Laurie Cunningham

By Dermot Kavanagh

A biography of England's first professional black footballer, who represented Leyton Orient, West Bromwich Albion and became the first Englishman to play for Real Madrid

Thursday, 24 December 2015

"Martin, Mean Streets is Brighton Rock"

It's a timely present to reach 20% just as Christmas arrives. Thank you and good will to everyone who has pledged so far. One of the more colourful and idiosyncratic people to pledge is Kosmo Vinyl whom I met a couple of years ago when he came to an exhibition about Cunningham that I had put together in Archway. Kosmo is a seminal if undefinable figure from the days of Punk. He was factotum, emcee, and even manager at one point I think, of The Clash and also Ian Dury's minder and cheerleader.Like many he was heavily into soul music before Punk exploded and told me how in his soul days he had a pair of fine white peg trousers made with silk lining to prevent them appearing see-through which he wore with pearl grey brothel creepers bought from the only UK supplier at the time in Southend. Nowadays he lives in New York as an artist, he produces great collages each week of his beloved West Ham United at the blog "Is Saitch Yer Daddy?" which is well worth a look. He sent me cash in the post "the currency of the criminal" as he puts it inside a great card (see pictures attached). To get an idea of the man there is a great youtube clip where he tells Danny Baker (type Kosmo and Danny Baker in) how he landed the part of 'street scum' in the Martin Scorsese film "The King of Comedy". He approached him and told him "Martin, Mean Streets is Brighton Rock"




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