Laurie Cunningham's corner kicks

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Laurie Cunnigham's first season in Spain was a great success. Real Madrid won the double and 'el negrito'  as he became known by euphoric fans was feted for his skill and unique talent. One particular skill that caught the imagination was his trick of taking a corner with the outside of his foot and making the ball swerve so unpredictably as to make it almost unplayable. Attached is a video of a game against Sporting Gijon that shows an example. It's not just the incredible spin he manages to get on the ball but the casual walk to the ball, as if no unnecessary effort has been expended, that make it so captivating.The action replay, taken from a reverse angle, shows just how much curve and dip he manages to put on to the ball.  The corner is at 1:27 into the video.

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