Last Star Standing

By Spaulding Taylor

On a post-apocalyptic 23rd-century Earth, an Aussie rebel battles its rulers - and his own demons

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

(Sorry about the mix-up) - BUT - Last Star's won a (Kirkus) Star!!!!!

Basically, it was just one of those things.

What happened was I headlined HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and after that, having swiped y'all's attention, went one to bore for England about Last Star Standing.  Only... the text of the article went missing. 

So, apologies for the headline - though I still bet some of you clicked on it (you know who you are!!) 

As for the boring-for-England, well, just stunned and amazed to have been awarded a coveted Kirkus star with my review. As I put it on Facebook #luckybunny #totallygobsmacked #LastStarsGotaStar

Most of you will know the story - how I had early and near-immediate success with Orion Publishing - how (after two novels) they dumped me - how depression got the better of me - how I decided that the tough world of publishing was not for me, and retreated into ghost writing. And how - two decades later - Aiden came into my meditation and insisted on being... himself.

Anyway, the Kirkus star is pretty rare - HUGELY rare for crowd-funded books, and almost as rare for science fiction. Most bestsellers and many top writers never get one. So, let's just put it this way: I was happy.


With such grateful thanks for your support,

Alice (Spaulding Taylor) McVeigh

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