Last Star Standing

By Spaulding Taylor

On a post-apocalyptic 23rd-century Earth, an Aussie rebel battles its rulers - and his own demons

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Dear friends and kind supporters,


It never seems to stop raining, and a new variety of Covid is here - well, here in the UK, anyway, I know some of you live elsewhere. Also, indoor tennis has ground to a halt - and Brexit isn't exactly going well, but... just check out the bright side.

At least you haven't got to spend your Christmas week checking every comma in Last Star Standing!!!! 

Yes, that's the way it's turned out - but luckily, the (F)unbounders have done a fab job so - despite the neurosis-inducing biz of checking every comma, it's not tooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Could be worse... Bit like 2020, really!!!!

In between cross-examining every dash and comma, have been practising. If interested, click on me messing about with the famous Bach cello prelude (which I think has been successfully attached).

Alternatively, check out my rubbish acting debut here (church nativity. Alice as Second Shepherd in online nativity, lol.)

And... have yourself the very merriest Christmas you can have, under the circs!!!


Your friend,






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Fiona Fogden
 Fiona Fogden says:

Good luck with the final hurdle Alice. The music was beautiful, just what I needed on a frenetic Monday just before Christmas when lawyers are wanting research all to be done 'pronto' so they can get on with Christmas and forgetting that others might want to get on with Christmas too!

posted 22nd December 2020

Alice McVeigh
 Alice McVeigh says:

Thanks, Fiona!!!! A friend of mine loved the nativity and posted it on Facebook too.

TBH, never sure how many people actually READ the updates here - we're encouraged to to it, but I hate feeling that I might be bugging people and almost never do.

posted 22nd December 2020

Angela Chillingworth
 Angela Chillingworth says:

Lovely Bach, Alice, and we are looking forward to watching the nativity when we are not waltzing around each other in the kitchen (cooking, not dancing). Can't wait for the book to arrive.
Happy Christmas to you and the family.
Love, Angela

posted 23rd December 2020

Alice McVeigh
 Alice McVeigh says:

You are lovely to listen - just felt guilty I hadn't written for ages, but - my experience as a sponsor - mostly just want to see where the book has got to and buzz off!!!!
The nativity is silly but sweet. The second shepherd contributes v. little but there are two pros worth hearing!!! Much love and a better New Year!!! (I have enjoyed John on F'book this year.)

posted 29th December 2020

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