Last Star Standing

By Spaulding Taylor

On a post-apocalyptic 23rd-century Earth, an Aussie rebel battles its rulers - and his own demons

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Getting there!!!!!!

Dear friends - and those kind contributors I don't know - whom I FEEL are friends,


Hoping this finds you well!!!!

Lockdowned yet again, here in London - which is right, I agree. We have to do it, no question.

So, what don't I agree with? - This. That I'm no longer allowed to play tennis singles, outside - I mean, in the open air - with my own husband. 

Give me strength!

As one wit I know put it, "Yeah, sure, we can run together, just as long as neither of us is carrying a racquet..." 

(And no, you couldn't make it up.)

But Last Star Standing is still on course, I'm happy to say. I'm absolutely delighted with all the efforts of the great people at Unbound, and I'm also grateful for your patience, as the virus delayed publication from October to February. At the moment, I'm beavering around trying to get pre-publication reviews etc. 

You know, the boring bit.

Though it's also lovely to have Rachel living with us, as China has yet to open its borders - though she'd be happier doing her Master's from there, rather than online from here. 

However, the dachshunds are thrilled. Especially when her boyfriend comes to visit from Cambridge, because ... the more laps the merrier. (They're lapdogs, basically, and I move around too much.)

So, the proofs might show up any minute... but I'm not about to bore you about proofs...











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