Last Star Standing

By Spaulding Taylor

On a post-apocalyptic 23rd-century Earth, an Aussie rebel battles its rulers - and his own demons

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Feb. 18 is getting closer: click here for earliest reviews!!!!

Hi all, 

In between trying to charm book bloggers into reading Last Star Standing - and, believe me, those guys are a toughish audience (also run off their feet with Covid authors!!!) - I paid a modest amount to have a couple of editorial reviews. The hope was that a couple might surface in time to shove on the back cover, but none were in time for that.

On the bright side, Amazon allows authors to include such "editorial" reviews to be displayed, though in a difference place from normal readers' reviews. I've had four so far and they have been real morale-boosters!!!!

My favourite was from SPReview. Here's the best bit:

"A dauntless soldier’s epic tale of rebellion, escape, and redemption, Last Star Standing by Spaulding Taylor is a dazzling and chilling vision of the future. Drawn by his duty to the scattered shreds of humanity, and determination to lead the rebel cell to victory, Aiden is a fiery protagonist that makes this outlandishly creative novel a pleasure to read. With the author’s imagination running wild through a sci-fi playground of alien tech, robotniks, half-humans, and just enough romantic angst to keep things steamy, the novel is refreshingly unpredictable, while holding to classic form. The writing has a sharp, post-apocalyptic edge overall, with plenty of dark humor.... Memorable characters leap off the page with personality, the action is visceral and exciting, and Taylor’s unleashed imagination makes this dystopian novel a deeply addictive read.  ‘Book of the Week"  SPR


Having said that, I am also very willing to have Jack Magnum's babies, over on It finished:

"Taylor displays a masterful touch at bringing his characters to life, and his writing is effortless and fluent, making reading this action-packed and thought-provoking offering a rare and engrossing treat indeed. Last Star Standing is most highly recommended." (Jack Magnus for reader’

The other two - I was nervous two out of three might not like it, so I asked for three reviews on Readers Favorite - were almost as cool as Jack:

"Set in the latter part of the 21st century, Last Star Standing by Spaulding Taylor is intriguing science-fiction with a post-apocalyptic flavor. With a dramatic plot, innovative creatures, and a creative story world, it is a captivating journey into a futuristic world of alien invasion and overlords. From the first page until the last, the story captures and holds the imagination. The individual characters are artistic and original, giving a realistic and natural feel. An extraordinary tale with a dynamic storyline that promises to entertain science-fiction aficionados." (Susan Sewell for


"The first-person narrative voice is elegant, espousing the point of view of the protagonist in a manner that is both intimate and compelling, allowing emotions, thoughts, and inner conflict to come out strongly. The writing is crisp and the novel graced by a compelling protagonist. Last Star Standing is fast-paced, riveting, and an enjoyable read." (G. Masso for

So - still nervous about the book blog tour, which starts day after tomorrow, but also a very happy bunny!!!!

Though it does feel a little weird to be "Taylor" - and reminds me vividly of when I was learning to drive and the instructor always yelled, "TAYLOR!!!!! Pick up the PYLONS!!!!!!" (Note for UK friends: Americans call traffic cones "pylons". I knocked over a helluva number when learning to drive. Why the teacher called us by our last names - there, I have absolutely no idea!!!!






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