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Last Star Standing

By Spaulding Taylor

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On a post-apocalyptic 23rd-century Earth, an Aussie rebel battles its rulers - and his own demons

Publication date: February 2021
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About the book

A post-apocalyptic speculative novel about a fiery and indigenous Aussie rebel living on a 23rd-century Earth, battling the Xirfell rulers – along with his own internal demons. 1984 crossed with Catcher in the Rye.

Reviews of McVeigh’s previous novels:

The Sunday Times:

'Characters rise and fall to McVeigh’s superbly controlled conductor's baton. The orchestra becomes a universe in microcosm; all human life is here . . . McVeigh succeeds in harmonising a supremely comic tone with much darker notes.'

The Sunday Telegraph:

'McVeigh is a professional cellist and is thus able to describe with wry authority the extraordinary life of a London orchestra. This is a very enjoyable novel, and not quite as light as it pretends to be.'

The Good Book Guide:

'The author is a professional cellist and a highly intelligent novelist. In the hothouse atmosphere of a group welded together but battered by individual stresses, relationships blossom and painfully disintegrate. McVeigh spins her sentences across the page, carrying the reader with them.'

Publisher's Weekly:

'McVeigh's captivating, witty debut offers uncanny insights into music, love, and the human heart. Her portrayal sings with lyrical intensity and eloquent feeling.'

Daily Mail:

Ever wondered what goes on in the backstage life of a symphony orchestra? This racy, pacy novel was written by someone who knows.'

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