Land in Mind: An anthology celebrating our love for the land

By Steve Gladwin

An illustrated anthology featuring interviews, original artwork and new stories on landscapes.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

With a little help from my Friends

Hello, everyone and big thanks for your continued support. Part of this second update is to welcome three brand new contributors to 'Land in Mind' - poet Jane Lovell and writer and artist creative duo Jacqueline Harris and Marjan Wouda., But we will return to them in a minute.

Below you will find a lovely film clip from one of our contributors, writer and editor Philippa Francis, also known as KM Lockwood.. Phillipa's contribution, in which she talks about her love of liminality, as well as 'Land in Mind', is backed by the settling sea and the beautiful Sussex coast, just as the moon is about to rise.



And so to the wonderful news of our new contributors. Poet Jane Lovell, who will appear in 'Land in MInd' in '7Poems' recently enjoyed critical success with her first collection 'The God of Lost Ways', published by Indigo Dreams Press, following on from her pamphlet from Seren Books, 'This Tilting Earth'. And I was recently given the gift of Jacqueline Harris and Marjan Wouda' remarkable, arts crossing new book. 'The White Dobbie', which I was immediately excited by. I'm very happy about Jacqueline and Marjan's involvement in the book, and soon  I will be talking to them about its creation, as well as the act of creativity itself.

Please, as honorary Land in MInders, continue to let people know about the book, its ethos and our remarkable and exciting rosta of talent and inspiration. In the next update I will be talking to you from the original Grove of Seven', the setting for my YA novel' The Seven', which is featured in the pledges for 'Land in Mind'. Future posts will include huge contrbutor and expert on all matters Celtic, John Matthews, reading two of his Green Man poems, the last one of which, 'The Return of the Green Man, concludes 'Land in Mind. It will also be my great pleasure to introduce you to one of the most remarkable women of our times,my wonderful friend, the exiled, Turkish feminist writer Meltem Arikan, who has two pieces in 'Land in MInd. The mandala above is one of those she created during her six month writers residency in the Elan Valey here in Wales. She says it's her favourite, so I'm happy to say it's now in our possession.

Thank you all until next time and do take care and stay safe.


Oh, and please, do add your comments below about your own experiences of land and mind, memory and childhood. Thank you.

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