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With a little help from my Friends

Monday, 22 November 2021

Hello, everyone and big thanks for your continued support. Part of this second update is to welcome three brand new contributors to 'Land in Mind' - poet Jane Lovell and writer and artist creative duo Jacqueline Harris and Marjan Wouda., But we will return to them in a minute.

Below you will find a lovely film clip from one of our contributors, writer and editor Philippa Francis, also known as…

A Child At Heart

Monday, 8 November 2021

Hello everyone, and my grateful thanks for your support and pledges. It's really appreciated by both myself, our many wonderful contributors, and the lovely team at 'Unbound' itself. I am attaching a more detailed video to this, and you will have to forgive me for not always looking at you. It's still something I need to get to grips with. I do have dyspraxia and this can make for an often funny but…

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