Ladders To Heaven

By Mike Shanahan

How fig trees shaped our history, fed our imaginations and can enrich our future

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The book is here. The wait is over (nearly).

Here it is... the first ever photo of the first physical copies of my book.

I saw these on Friday and I am delighted with how they look and feel. I owe huge thanks to the more than 300 friends and strangers who bought a copy in advance and so made this book possible. Your copies will be arriving with you soon. The official publication date is 8 September. The book will be available in shops and via Amazon, etc., from that date.


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Laura Brown
 Laura Brown says:

Hurray! It looks beautiful!

posted 8th August 2016

Edward Davey
 Edward Davey says:

Congratulations Mike. A wonderful achievement. Can't wait to read!

posted 8th August 2016

Kali Madden
 Kali Madden says:

Was just thinking about it last week and hoping that it would arrive soon. Congratulations! Very excited.

posted 9th August 2016

Catherine Brouwer
 Catherine Brouwer says:

Congratulations Mike. It looks beautiful. I'll read it on my back verandah looking out at the huge fig tree just over our back fence. That tree is a like a city for birds, and the flying foxes at night, especially through fruiting season.

posted 10th August 2016

Caroline Kay
 Caroline Kay says:

Looks wonderful, really looking forward to receiving and reading it!

posted 10th August 2016

Jale Forrest
 Jale Forrest says:

I never received my book, delivery company says it's sent back but no one has ever tried to deliver it. Can you please re-send with a more reliable company. Thank you.

posted 6th September 2016

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