Nerve Endings

By Kristin Hersh

A collection of lyrics from across her career with Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE and her solo work

Sunday, 17 December 2017

When will the books be ready?

Hi everyone.

Well, we inch ever closer to finished books being in your hands and we remain hugely grateful for your support and patience.

Once all the copies are printed we need to get Kristin to sign a whole bunch of them, add dedications and handwritten lyrics etc. and to do that we need to get her from the US, where she is, to the UK, which is where all the books are. As soon as we know when she can come over we can schedule the signings and the gig and all the extras that need to be sorted. Obviously there are logistics to resolve, diaries to coordinate, Kristin's schedule to work around and so on, but we hope to have news on all of these factors early in the new year.

Until then, thanks for your ongoing support and have a happy festive season.

Scott (the editor)

PS. Here are some screenshots from the page proofs of the book, before it went to print. Click on each image for a higher resolution version.

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A collection of lyrics written by singer-songwriter, Kristin Hersh, from across her career with Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE and her solo work.
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