Nerve Endings

By Kristin Hersh

A collection of lyrics from across her career with Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE and her solo work

Monday, 18 September 2017

Cover Version

As some of you may have seen from Kristin's mailing list, we now have a cover for Nerve Endings so are one step closer to publication.

Here is a draft version.

The plan is for this to be printed straight onto the hardcover, so no paper jacket, with perhaps the white words debossed/indented. Still a few tweaks to do, and the spine and back cover need to be finalised, but we hope you like it.

It reminds me a bit of the Sky Motel artwork, although that wasn't the original intention. What do you think?

We will be producing 50 high-quality prints of the final cover which will signed by Kristin and numbered. These are still available to pledge for if you want one of them on your wall.

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Andrew Reaks
 Andrew Reaks says:

I really like it, it immediately reminded me of the Sky Motel artwork too. A typo jumped out: cathedral heat not hear.

posted 18th September 2017

Scott Pack
 Scott Pack says:

Worry not, Andrew. We noticed that a while ago but were still keen to share it.

Thanks for mentioning it though.

posted 18th September 2017

Matthew Hart
 Matthew Hart says:

It looks good, but is there any reason for the mix of upper and lower case letters?

posted 19th September 2017

Scott Pack
 Scott Pack says:

Yes, Matthew, these are Kristin's preferred spellings. Everything in lower case unless the word is a proper noun, such as a place name or the name of a breed of animal etc.

posted 19th September 2017

Richard Rose
 Richard Rose says:

I think it looks great! Love the colors - they reflect the range of emotions found in Kristin's words.

posted 19th September 2017


Is it supposed to be "cathedral hear" six lines below the line with the title in it? I remember a song called "cathedral heat" instead.

posted 12th June 2018

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