Glittering a Turd

By Kris Hallenga

The story of an ordinary girl who, with a side-serving of cancer, makes life extraordinary

Monday, 13 July 2020

I've handed in my first draft!!!!!!

Guys, there have been moments over these last few months that left me wondering if I'd ever get this thing submitted and I can happily say that as of 22.46 on 13th July 2020 my first draft (albeit pretty rough) has made it's merry way to Unbound to be read by my editor. I might cry. 

Obviously I've no clue if what I've written is any good - because believe it or not biased twin sisters don't count for feedback - but I am about 56% sure I'm happy with what I've done. I hope it's normal to start hating every word you've written and wishing you'd never decided to write a book.....?

I can't believe I'm at 150% of my funding now and how that equates to lots of lovely people who will receive this book (currently, maybe, hopefully next Spring) -  it's definitely been the best motivator. I can tell you what ISN'T a good motivator: a global pandemic. I lost count of the people telling me what perfect timing it was to knuckle down and write when, ya know, I couldn't leave the house. But golly has my mind gone to some weird and wonderful and awful and dark places over this time (I'm sure you're the same) and I can tell ya that aint conducive to book writing. Nor are my procrastination skills. But still, I perservered. 

I will update again as I go through the editing phase but I just wanted to send a quick 'hello' and 'thank you' which may also serve as assurance that I'm not dead. YAY. 

Over and out for now x

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Alastair Monk
 Alastair Monk says:

Good news! Looking forward to reading this when available!

posted 14th July 2020

Sarah McGowan
 Sarah McGowan says:

So excited for this! You're a superhero ♡

posted 14th July 2020

Hayley Campbell
 Hayley Campbell says:

So looking forward to reading your story, cannot wait until it lands on my doormat. Well done you awesome human :)

posted 14th July 2020

Stephen Jones
 Stephen Jones says:

I'm really excited and can't wait to read the real thing, you've done brilliantly to write a book in what can only be declared as a mega stressful time, so full marks to you.

Hope the draft phase goes smoothly for you and you realise you've done a great job in glittering a turd of a time (to borrow the title and phrase :wink: )

posted 14th July 2020

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