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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Hello book backer and hopefully soon-to-be book backers!

Just a little, but still exciting, update to say we've now launched the final enamel cup design that you can bag as one of the pledge rewards - either book and mug OR the Extract coffee book bundle. 


The thought of you lot slurping delicious coffee whilst reading my book makes me VERY happy. The cups are enamel so nice and light…

I've handed in my first draft!!!!!!

Monday, 13 July 2020

Guys, there have been moments over these last few months that left me wondering if I'd ever get this thing submitted and I can happily say that as of 22.46 on 13th July 2020 my first draft (albeit pretty rough) has made it's merry way to Unbound to be read by my editor. I might cry. 

Obviously I've no clue if what I've written is any good - because believe it or not biased twin sisters don't count…


Sunday, 23 February 2020

GUYS! You only went and funded my book in THREE DAYS. I am pretty sure that's some kind of record. I am truly flabbergasted by the enthusiasm, the love, the support and BELIEF in me. I was truly terrified to launch this crowdfunder (I genuinely very nearly postponed) but you've given me the biggest boost imaginable and OH MY GOSH *breathe* I AM WRITING A BOOK. 


In case you…

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