Kitten on a Fatberg

By Dan Brotzel, Martin Jenkins, Alex Woolf

A farcical novel-in-emails about an eccentric writers group. They've all got a book in them, unfortunately.

Fiction | Humour
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In December 2016, Julia Greengage, aspiring writer and devoted housewife, put up a poster in her local library with an idea to start a writers group. This group would read each others' work, exchange constructive feedback and generally share the pains and pleasures of this excruciating yet exhilarating endeavour we call Literature.

Seven people answered. 

The emails gathered here present a true and unvarnished account of a developing dynamic culminating in the events of the, now notorious, Bleeding Typewriters documentary.

This is the story of the Crawley Writers Group. 


Listen to the opening of Kitten on a Fatberg in podcast form! This opening sequence introduces all the characters, voiced by professional actors, all edited and produced under the direction of BAFTA-winning producer Richard Webb.

Meet the motley members:

Keith is an IT consultant and mercenary sci-fi geek who can bang out 5000 words before breakfast, and is obsessed with monetising his work. He has to read to the group at double-speed because he’s so prolific.

Alice identifies as a writer of fiction, even though she hasn’t ever written any fiction. She blogs a great deal about planning to write fiction, and overcoming writer’s block, and has been working on the opening sentence of her novel for two years.

Tom is a suburban lothario who describes himself as a ‘brooding TEFL bureaucrat, novelist manqué, lover not fighter. I write therefore I am’. He has an embarrassing secret, which may come to haunt him.

Peter (never Pete, please) sees himself as a conceptual literary artist whose goal in life – for reasons best known to himself – is to ‘re-present the present’. In practice this means finding different ways to spy on people. He is only ever really comfortable when he has made everyone else feel completely ill at ease.

Jon is a faded muso with a UFO complex. After a few years as part of an obscure prog rock band and a lost decade as a hippie traveller, Jon now works for the Dental Estimates Board. He writes deceptively simple animal fables with powerful hidden messages about the deep state and, you know, the way things really are.

Blue works in a charity shop and is a big fan of gloomy music and dark poetry including ‘Sylvia esp. Sylvia. My poetry is very intense and tells it like it is about me and my emotions and the world how the world is. I use free verse which means no rhymes and academic bs. Just raw feels.’ Her poems include Electrocuted Angel In The Headlights of My Dead Lover’s Eye Sockets, and the notorious Kitten on a Fatberg.

Mavinder, sadly, couldn't make the first meeting. Or the second. But promises to come to the next one!

Led by Julia, a glamorous housewife with steely ambitions of her own, these budding writers meet every month to read out their work and encourage each other in their dreams of getting published.

But it’s not long before the group’s idiosyncrasies and insecurities start to appear. Expect feuds, rivalries and romance; sex, scandal and humiliation -- not to mention an exploding sheep's head, a cosplay stalker, and an alien mothership invasion. They’re on a journey, and God help the rest of us.

A novel-in-emails about seven eccentric writers, written by three quite odd ones, KITTEN ON A FATBERG is a very British farce about loneliness, the ache of literary obscurity, and the perils of Twiglet sex.

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$20  + shipping
92 pledges


A first edition of the book plus the ebook and your name in the back of the book.
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39 pledges


A copy of the ebook and your name printed in the list of supporters at the back of the book.
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  • Dan Brotzel, Martin Jenkins & Alex Woolf - avatar

    Dan Brotzel, Martin Jenkins & Alex Woolf -

    Dan Brotzel: My first collection of short stories, Hotel du Jack, is out early 2020. Winner, Riptide short story comp 2018. Asda Christmas Cracker gag champion, 2004. 

    Martin Jenkins: I'm a freelance writer, researcher and editor. My own publications include the experimental novel A New Science of Navigation and a contribution to the Soul Bay Press short story anthology 13.

    Alex Woolf: I’ve written over 100 books for children and adults, published by the likes of OUP, Ladybird, Heinemann and Watts. Subjects I’ve tackled include sharks, asteroids, acne, chocolate, zombies and much else besides.

  • Editors’ Note to the First Edition

    Like many TV viewers, we were pleasantly appalled by Bleeding Typewriters, Channel 4’s notorious fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Crawley Writers’ Group. Here was a story that seemed to have it all – if, by all, you mean sex, drugs, violence, a vicious cosplay stalker, a prog rock reunion, and an alien mothership invasion.

    As members of a (comparatively rather staid) writers’ group ourselves, we wanted to know more about this extraordinary collection of authors. Documentaries have a tendency to bring out exaggerated behaviour in people, so we were keen to uncover the real characters and trace the unguarded evolution of the group, right back to its beginnings as a twinkle in Julia Greengage’s eye.

    The emails gathered here, then, present a true and unvarnished account of a developing dynamic – forming, storming, norming, performing, and even mourning. As editors, we saw our job as merely to facilitate the free flow of the unfolding story; to that end, we have excised material that was repetitive or merely functional, tidied up a few inconsistencies and inaccuracies, but otherwise left things as they were originally written. We conclude, of course, with a transcript of Bleeding Typewriters itself.

    To our minds, the narrative this correspondence unveils is every bit as extraordinary as the documentary itself – exploding sheep’s heads, fascinator attacks, Twiglet sex and all.

    D.B., M.J., A.W.


    To: Crawley Writers Group
    Sent: 01.12.16, 10:37
    Subject: Welcome writers of Crawley!

    My dear writers

    What a fantastic response to my little notice in the library!

    I'll be honest, I was a tad trepidatious before I put the idea of a writing group out there, but I just thrive on creativity and so the idea of a little community of like-minded literary searchers was irresistible. 

    So just imagine my delight when I returned to my little poster a few days later to see that all the little paper fingers with my email address on had been torn off! (The graffito about 'arty-farty slags' I could have done without, but still.) 

    So if you're getting this email, welcome to the group and I hope the writing is flying! I propose we meet every 2 or 3 weeks, rotating around different homes or other venues (pubs can work, but in my experience all that boozy bustle can be a tad unconducive). We'll be reading bits of our work, exchanging constructive feedback – and generally sharing the pains and pleasures of this excruciating yet exhilarating endeavour we call Literature!

    I propose that we meet at my place for our first gathering – it's No 1 The Larches, the big one at the start of that private road opposite the golf course with the newly – and very dearly – asphalted carriage drive (don't ask). Shall we say next Thursday, 745 for 8? Do let me know if you can come. 

    I thought it might be nice if we all briefly e-introduced ourselves beforehand, so we know a bit about each other before we meet? I'm Julia Greengage, 49 (though my dear hubby insists I don't look it), and I've been an actress for about 25 years (Bad Girls, The Bill, ‘difficult fibroids patient’ in Holby etc). My husband is big in HR at the airport, and we moved here because the commute from Richmond was sapping his spirit. 

    In between gigs in 'the biz of show', I moonlight as a paralegal, but my secret self has been plotting the big novel for over a decade. I've finally got an idea I can work with and a few draft chapters, and am looking forward to putting it out there!! Nothing ventured and all that! I guess style-wise I'm a mainstream fiction type, with a love of big emotions and gut-wrenching twists, somewhere between David Nichols and Judi Picoult. Well one can but dream!

    Anyway enough about me. Do drop the group a line to let us know if you can come and tell us a little bit about yourselves.

    Until Thursday, dear writers!


  • 17th October 2019 Hitting the big six-oh: Blue and Jon pay tribute

    Both in their different ways rather underwhelmed/disgusted by Peter's recent effort to commemorate our 60% milestone, two more of the charcters from Kitten on a Fatberg have put pen to paper to mark the moment...

    Blue, our resident poet, has naturally turned to typically upbeat verse, while Jon, our resident conspiracy theorist, sees through to the 'true' meaning of the number...


    A Diamond…

    14th October 2019 Thank you to our fellow Unbounders

    We've been very lucky in recent weeks to get some support from some of our fellow Unbound authors, and in the process to find out more about the incredible variety of projects that are currently funding. Over the next few weeks we'll try and highlight a few...

    Erica Buist's This Party's Dead is an extraordinary exploration of death festivals around the world, triggered by a heart-beaking personal…

    10th October 2019 We've hit 60%!

    Thank you so much to all our wonderful backers who have got us this far.

    In celebration of this important milestone, here is a little extract from the book. This is from Peter, the group's conceptual artist, whose main goal in life is to make everyone else feel uncomfortable:



    To: Crawley Writers Group

    Sent: 24.01.1, 12:12

    Subject: Who took my…

    9th September 2019 Fifty Per Cent – a poetic tribute from Blue

    Fifty Per Cent


    That could mean a glass

    Half full or

    Half empty.

    My favourite glass -

    A memento from a

    Goth Weekender in Whitby

    Showing a view

    Of the Abbey -



    Smashed to a million pieces by

    A careless cat.

    The Whitby trip was nice:

    I met Greg, looking good

    In vampire drag, his eyeliner



    When we met up later in London

    It became clear he was

    A part-time…

    2nd September 2019 Can it be true? We've hit 50%!!!!

    I cannot believe we are now on 50%. In other words, if my maths is correct, we are halfway there! The authors have informed me that my previous update to mark the occasion of 40% was a little ‘self-regarding’. They said I should show more ‘gratitude and humility’ this time. So with that in mind I would like to humbly and gratefully thank all the contributors who have pledged so far. Thank you each…

    5th July 2019 We have 130 backers!!!

    Wow! Extraordinary! Our humble project now has 130 backers. That’s more than the number of words I’ve written in the past week! Thanks to every single one of you for your wonderful support. I can feel your collective love flowing through me, giving me strength! You believe in me, so maybe I can start to believe in myself, too!

    Alice Knowles


    I've just heard: 130 generous people have put…

    3rd June 2019 Congratulations! (what's my percentage?)

    So now we’re on 40%. Who’d have thunk it! As the Arhythmic Tics of Planet Pi (Vol VI, Chapter 13) might cry, ¡thätzâlmøstfiftēę!

    I’m proud to have played my part in getting us to this almost not quite halfway stage in our journey, even though I don’t totally agree with the way I’ve been portrayed in this book. Admittedly, those are my emails, but something is amiss evidently because they don’t…

    2nd June 2019 They Don't Want You To Read This (A message from Jonathan Armory-Wargrove)

    40%! Woah! Help publish the books THEY don't want you to read! The Deep State vets ALL manuscripts submitted to regular publishers - FACT! Support the little guy and beat the Main Stream Media! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! 



    P.S. Also, demand full UFO disclosure now! Expose the COSMIC Conspiracy!

    2nd June 2019 Life Begins at Forty (a poem by Blue)

    Life Begins at Forty


    by Blue 


    They say that life begins at forty - don't make me laugh!

    As the dread day approaches I feel like a giraffe

    With laryngitis.

    My creative juices will dry up and agglutinate

    And people will say that it's age inappropriate

    To have a full back tattoo of Robert Smith.

    They say that life begins at forty, you'll feel free!

    But that is not how it feels to me.

    2nd June 2019 Hitting the big four-oh!

    We're delighted to tell you that we've hit the big four-oh - 40% funded at last.

    Thanks so much to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Fatberg - we couldn't have got this far without you. 

    Some of the characters from our fictional Crawley Writers' Group have been threatening to add their own voices to the commemoration of this important psychological milestone. We can only apologise in advance…

    5th April 2019 Kitten on a Fatberg hits 30%! Thank you so much

    We are delighted to announce that funding for the launch of Kitten on a Fatberg has now hit the 30% mark! We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged or helped to spread the word -- this is all your doing, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

    Many of you don’t know each other, of course, so we thought it might be interesting to introduce a few of our amazing supporters…

    As chair…

    29th March 2019 We have our 100th backer!!!

    Great news! Our 100th backer came aboard yesterday! We're thrilled that so many people believe in the project, and want to see the Kitten sail. Blue, our resident Sylvia Plath, has written a poem to mark the occasion, which our lucky 100th supporter will receive exclusively for this weekend, before it receives its world debut on Monday.

    28th March 2019 Who will be our 100th backer?

    99 wonderful, generous people have so far made pledges in support of our little project. Who will be the 100th??

    In their honour, Blue has bared her tortured soul with a poem. It's called 'And the Number of My Pain is One Hundred'. I've read it and I can tell you, it's bleak, poignant, plaintive, elegiac, bleak. Everything you'd expect of Blue.

    If you want to receive exclusive early-bird access…

    11th March 2019 We've hit 20%!

    A huge thank you to all who have pledged so far in support of 'Kitten on a Fatberg'. We're absolutely thrilled to have reached 20% funding and are now more determined than ever to push on to 100%. There's been loads going on since we launched just over a month ago. We've had a write-up in the local press, and are shortly to be featured in 'Boundless' and the Society of Authors magazine. We've also…

    9th February 2019 Thank you!

    Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us get to 10% of our funding milestone in our first week! We've been blown away by how generous people have been, and we really really appreciate it.

    The fatberg has been having a bit of moment this week, what with the monster they pulled out of the sewers in Sidmouth, Devon, and the launch of a public info film disguised as a movie trailer, Fatberg Invasion…

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