Thursday, 13 May 2021

Thanks everyone!

Last day coming up and I just want to thank everyone who supported this project. Everybody who pledged, or shared something on their socials, it means the world honestly. I'm really passionate about promoting my beloved home city and can't thank you all enough for helping me to do that. Negotiations ahead now with the publisher to see if there's a will to get the book out there.

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Nick Knibb
 Nick Knibb says:

Good luck mate, its a fantastic project and I can see how much you care about Birmingham. I've love your writing and can't wait to see this on my shelf. If there's anything I can do to help apart from giving you a bucket of cash, let me know.

posted 14th May 2021

Carl Chinn
 Carl Chinn says:

Good Luck, Steve.
I send you my very best wishes.
This is a really important book and deserves to be published.

posted 14th May 2021

John James
 John James says:

Also happy to support in whatever way I usefully can
best of luck JJ

posted 14th May 2021

Stephen Pennell
 Stephen Pennell says:

Thanks guys, and thanks for your generous support. I’ll be talking to the publisher when the dust has settled on Monday about where we go from here, but it looks promising.

posted 14th May 2021

Nick Hennegan
 Nick Hennegan says:

Good luck Steve. The more books about Brum, the better. And Birmingham's music culture is incredibly important. Music from Brum influenced the music industry worldwide.

posted 15th May 2021

Stephen Pennell
 Stephen Pennell says:

Cheers Nick. I had the great news yesterday that King City will be published, so thanks for your support and that of everyone else who pledged. We did it!

posted 18th May 2021

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